Top 5 Favourite Cars In UAE

Top 5 Favourite Cars In UAE

There’s no secret that the residents of the UAE are crazy about cars and people there have their long list of favourite cars. This love for cars has lead the UAE to become almost like a catalog in itself for sports and luxury cars. In fact, there are surveys that indicate that the average car owner in the UAE has a pattern of changing cars every 3 years. Another interesting fact is that not only the residents out there own top car models, but the Dubai police also drive supercars. Almost all leading car manufacturers set their roots in Arab soil for this reason.


The only thing that the UAE residents would be unsure of while the question – Which is the best car to buy in UAE comes to mind is not knowing which car to pick! With so many powerful and sleek luxury cars in the market, they’re definitely spoilt for choice.


 Top 5 Favourite Cars in UAE ( With Features)


With 23% of the search rate, Toyota tops the list for the most popular cars in UAE. The consistency level of cars made by them is excellent when compared to other automakers. The Land Cruiser with a horsepower of 127 kW and a displacement of 4461 cc is listed as the most purchased. This desert-friendly motor car gives a mileage of 11 kmpl. The main attractions that are bound to draw you to the car are the wireless charger, dual rear-seat entertainer, 4-zone air conditioner and the 3D face dials with a 4.2-inch TFT multi-information display.

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top 5 cars in dubai uae – toyota suv

Toyota SUV


12.4% of the search rate pushes Mercedes-Benz to the second most popular car in the UAE. The S-class model tops the purchase list of the best cars to buy in UAE when compared to the other models. This car has a horsepower of 192 to 430kW and 5980 cc displacement. The fuel consumption is unusually low and gives a mileage of 7.08kmpl. The major highlight is the 64 colors that showcase the interior as a piece of art.

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top 5 cars in dubai uae – mercedes benz

Mercedes Benz


With 11.2% of the search rate, Nissan bags the third place. The most sought-after model is the Patrol Safari that has a horsepower of 298 kW and a displacement of 2825 cc along with 13.8 kmpl mileage. The intelligent around-view monitor uses 4 cameras to give you a 360-degree bird’s eye view of your vehicle and the moving object detection helps you to detect moving objects near the vehicle with a visual and audio alert.

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top 5 cars in dubai uae – nissan suv

Nissan SUV


The fourth place, covering 8.5% of the search rate in the market for the LX 570, goes to Lexus. The horsepower of this model is 383 kW and displacement is 5.7 L. The five seated LX is not only built for urban comfort but also for off-road ruggedness. The interior comes with a multi-function steering wheel, wireless charging, crafted shift knob, and Shimamoku ornamentation (the elaborate art of rotating layers of dull and light wood facade)

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top 5 vehicles in dubai uae – lexus suv


Lexus SUV




About 6.0% of search rates are covered by Hyundai and it sacks the fifth position among the extravagant vehicles of UAE. The Tucson SUV with a torque of 114 to 136 kW and a removal of 2L was the most pursued. What makes it unique in relation to different SUVs is the improved Fluid Sculpture plan with a smooth back surface and a striking belt. Tucson guarantees a security drive with 6 airbags for driver and the travelers

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top 5 vehicles in dubai uae – hyundai suv


Presently, do you trust us when we say the UAE is vehicle insane? No place else is there a likelihood to stop in one spot and see dazzling and amazing vehicles shooting by. There’s a large group of extravagance vehicles that aren’t referenced on this rundown. The best automakers everywhere on the world are continually doing combating it out to rule the UAE’s market.


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In each traffic intersection or parking structure, a supercar is either firing up by or casually left stopping in the sides. In spite of the inclination for ultra-extravagance supercars, desert prepared rough terrain SUVs actually meander the expressways in more noteworthy number. In this blog, we investigate the most famous vehicle brands in the UAE.


Indeed, even simply by taking a gander at the bustling streets on the city roads it is truly evident which vehicle brands stand apart among the rest. Security, Reliability, Quality, Comfort, and Value for cash are probably the main variables when settling on picking a vehicle and that is the reason some vehicle brands are more well known in others.


The United Arab Emirates is the world’s capital for extravagance vehicles since it has the most number of extravagance vehicles per capita on the planet

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