Top 5 luxury cars for rent in Dubai

Top 5 luxury cars for rent in Dubai

Dubai is literally a magnet for tourists seeking an oasis away from their busy schedules. A trip to Dubai is not complete without hiring a luxury car. With huge 6 lane highways all across the country, you cannot see Dubai properly without the perspective of a dream ride. We have compiled the top 5 most requested popular luxury cars for rent in Dubai to give you an idea of what customers want. Our customers come from all over the world but the GCC has a particular soft spot for luxury cars. Hence our customers are mostly from Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait and Emirati UAE nationals.



Extravagance vehicles for lease in Dubai


Dubai has an unfathomable scope of extravagance rental vehicles. The lone issue is that you will not discover them in the top level brand name rental organizations. You will discover them in specialty extravagance organizations, situated in places even Google Maps would battle with! This is the reason is so helpful, we have totaled these extravagance vehicle rental arrangements to give you the perfect vehicle at the perfect cost.


Top 5 most mentioned extravagance vehicles for lease in Dubai


Here are the most well known vehicle models mentioned by clients for extravagance vehicles for lease in Dubai:


1.Mercedes Benz G63 AMG

Mercedes G63 AMG is one of the top most famous extravagance vehicles for lease in Dubai


Lease Mercedes G63 AMG for around 1,200 – 1,500 AED each day relying upon rental span. The G63 AMG is quite possibly the most well known extravagance models in UAE, particularly with Emiratis. One reason is HH Sheik Mohammed, Ruler of Dubai likewise has a Mercedes G63 so a great deal of nearby adolescents need to copy him.


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by Steven Perez


posted on June 26, 2020


Fight off weariness with these beautiful pictures


Exhausted in the house? Potty preparing your new little dog can unfortunately fill a limited amount of much time, so we’re presenting to you a snapshot of zen every week as a portion of our most loved motorcars from around the Turo commercial center. We like vehicles, you like vehicles, so how about we take a gander at certain vehicles.

For 2019, Mercedes completely updated the G-Class interestingly since 1979, and keeping in mind that it holds its square shaped shape, slick inside, and exploring bonafides, the new form is immensely improved in each perspective. The G-Class, usually known as the G-Wagen, began life as a tough military 4×4 however has advanced into a rich superficial point of interest for all around obeyed drivers searching for a particular SUV.

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Darren’s 2019 Mercedes-AMG G63 (London, UK)


Darren’s striking AMG G63, phenomenally completed in Emerald Green Metallic, is a superb illustration of the craziness and appeal the G-Class radiates. This elite AMG variation houses a 577-drive twin-super V8, which is adequately strong to throw the almost three-ton SUV without breaking a sweat for a particularly ambling, upstanding body.

What’s more, the inside is flawless — as lavish as you’ll discover in most present day Mercedes vehicles and alliances in front of what you’ll discover in any conventional 4x4s. The G-Class, at that point, is a vehicle of inconsistencies, yet deliberate and cheerful logical inconsistencies. It exists basically on the grounds that it can, and for aficionados of the model, that is truly why it’s such a lot of fun.


2.Mercedes AMG GT S

Mercedes AMG GT is perhaps the most mainstream extravagance vehicles for lease in Dubai


The Mercedes AMG GT S is practically difficult to book in Eid occasions because of appeal. The normal rental rate is around 2,000 AED – 2,500 AED and security store is around 3,000 AED on Visa. This is an enormously well known vehicle and the looks obviously legitimize it.

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3.Reach Rover Supercharged

Reach Rover Supercharged is perhaps the most mainstream extravagance vehicles for lease in Dubai


The Range Rover Supercharged is notorious in custom with GCC nationals. An excursion to Dubai is normally not complete without a Range Rover Supercharged driving the outing. The Supercharged Range Rover will cost around 800 – 1,000 AED relying upon the span, with security store of around 1,500 AED on Visa. Book the MC Stradale Cabrio on the web or call/WatsApp at +971502448305 for any inquiries.

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What’s going on for 2021?


Another reach besting SVR Carbon Edition model joins the setup for 2021. It doesn’t offer any extra execution updates however rather centers around a more vile appearance because of uncovered carbon fiber on the hood, front guard, and grille. More carbon fiber trim can be found inside the Carbon Edition’s lodge and in the engine; 22-inch shine dark aluminum wheels are likewise included.


4.Moves Royce Ghost

Moves Royce Ghost is quite possibly the most famous extravagance vehicles in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

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The Rolls Royce Ghost is a top pick for weddings, commemorations and numerous other unique events. The Ghost will interfere with you 2700 AED – 3,500 AED each day contingent upon the span. The security store is 5,000 AED on MasterCard.


5.Maserati MC Stradale Gran Cabrio


Maserati MC Stradale Cabrio is perhaps the most famous extravagance vehicles for lease in Dubai and Abu Dhabi The Maserati MC Stradale Cabrio is one of the freshest interests of the vehicle lover local area in the Gulf. This Italian excellence will hamper you around 1,900 – 2,500 AED each day relying upon length. Security store is around 3,000 AED on charge card. Book the Maserati MC Stradale Cabrio

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